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Connie Lewis Leonard

Big C, little c

By Connie Lewis Leonard

Still reeling from the death of her sister, Lyn Newton’s foundation is rocked by the diagnosis of cancer. Wracked with pain and exhaustion, Lyn fights for her life. Her daughter is assaulted, her son is involved in a serious automobile accident, her husband is falsely accused of sexual harassment. The family has drifted away from God and from each other. With prayer and the support of her ladies’ Bible study group, Lyn progresses from cancer to Christ, finding the true meaning of life in the face of death. Christ, who calms the storm to a whisper and hushes the waves of the sea, is greater than any calamity of life, including cancer. Through laughter and tears, the Newton family is drawn back together, stronger in love for each other and faith in God.

Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle. 

A Psalm a Day

By Connie Lewis Leonard

The book of Psalms addresses every human emotion.  A Psalm a Day is an interactive devotional Bible study written to encourage you through the valleys and inspire you on the mountain tops. May this book help transform your Fear into Faith, Pain into Praise, Worries into Worship, Tests into Testimonials, Defeats into Victories, and Battles into Blessings.

​Available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle.

Somebody Somewhere in Texas

By Connie Lewis Leonard

Secrets can’t be hidden forever. Maybe it’s time to pay the fiddler.

Katie Kane fell in love with Brooks Travis at age six. She fell in love with symphony at sixteen. She can’t have both. After the unthinkable happens, she follows her dream to Chicago, vowing never to return to Texas. Now her dad wants her to come home. Mom has cancer, and he needs her.

Brooks loves two things above all else: Katie and country music. Together their talent could have taken them to the top of the charts, but she chose Chicago. He heard she got married, probably to some citified, symphony sissy. Brooks is singing for the Lord in the cowboy church when Katie comes home with a son—a son with the same violet blue eyes he sees in the mirror every day. God has redeemed him, but is there any hope Katie can forgive him and their love be rekindled?

Katie’s life and dreams are in Chicago. Brooks was her first and only love, but he broke her heart. She can’t let her guard down, can’t open the gate and let him back into her life. Everything is different now. Well, maybe not everything. . .  

Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

Light Up My Life in Texas

By Connie Lewis Leonard

She had a history that kept her from trusting.

He had a history that included a little girl.

Andrea Travis wants to establish her veterinary clinic and be independent. She doesn’t want or need a man. Who can trust them anyway? But then the winds of a tornado blow Winn Timberman into her life. Is this ordinary guy an unsung hero, the chivalrous knight of her dreams?

Winn Timberman is trying to put the pieces of his heart and life back together again. As a lineman, he lights up the lives of county electric co-op customers. But his main responsibility is to protect his little girl. He’s all she has. She’s all he wants—until he meets the beautiful, blue-eyed vet.

Can they overcome their haunted pasts to build a future? Will their swirling emotions blow them into a whirlwind romance, or will their hopes and dreams be washed away by a hurricane of historic proportions?

Hang on to your hats for a wild ride in this contemporary Christian romance filled with faith, forgiveness, and love.

Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

Play Me Back Home in Texas

By Connie Lewis Leonard

What if the things you left behind are better than you remembered, better than you ever imagined?

Thirty years ago LeAnn Kane left the dust and dirt of West Texas behind, vowing never to return. After a successful career with the Chicago Symphony, now she’s running back home—running for her life. While hiding from a murderer, the last person she expects to see is her high school sweetheart, her first and only love. His laughter sounds better than any melody she could play on her violin. His smile, as smooth as butter on hot cornbread, melts her insides, tempting her to stay in Texas. But her life is in Chicago—or is it?

Donald Howard worked hard to rise above the back-breaking work of the oil fields. The sought-after success hasn’t brought happiness or fulfillment. His failed marriage to a Houston socialite didn’t help, either. Seeing LeAnn again brings back the raw emotion of his first love, his innocent love, his trusting love, full of fantasies and hopes. After thirty years of telling himself he hated her, his heart betrays him. Or maybe he has betrayed his heart all these years. She’s dead set on returning to Chicago. He’s going with her—even if it kills him.

Young love first love, too young then to know what they had. If they survive the dangers of December, can their love blossom and grow into their forever and ever love?

Hang on to your hats for a rollercoaster ride in this contemporary Christian romantic suspense filled with danger, doubt, and deliverance.

Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle. 

Hidden Away Somewhere in Texas

By Connie Lewis Leonard

What if you had to leave everything and everyone behind, reinvent yourself, assume a new identity?

Haeley Howard lives a charmed life as a socialite, model, and assistant director of little theater. Her perfect world shatters when she witnesses a kidnapping. The FBI wants to hide her away in a safe place so she can testify against Salas, an international drug runner and sex trafficker, if they can catch him. The fashionista becomes boring, beige Holly Brown—friendless, faithless, and faceless. Hidden away on a ranch in the Texas high desert, she fears she might disappear without a trace. Reed Riley, handsome owner of the Riley Ranch, has a mysterious, secretive computer business. Will he prove to be a knight in shining armor or evil overlord?

Reed abandoned his dream to become an FBI agent after his father was killed. While running the family ranch, he works as a cybercrimes consultant. He agrees to shelter the witness on his ranch while they search for the slippery Salas. But Haeley Howard, AKA Holly Brown, proves to be more of a challenge than he imagined—strong-willed and surly, yet innocent and vulnerable. He vows to maintain professional distance, but not even the ugly makeup and tasteless clothes can hide her natural beauty. He can’t be distracted, can’t let down his guard.

If he can keep her safe, can they have a future together? Will the Feds give her another new identity, move her somewhere far away? She’s no longer Haeley Howard, but she’s not Holly Brown, either. What plans does God have for her? 

Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle in July 2021.