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Connie Lewis Leonard



Psalm 75:1-5

Posted on October 13, 2021 at 4:55 PM

“How we thank you, Lord! Your mighty miracles give proof that you care. ‘Yes,’ the Lord replies, ‘and when I am ready, I will punish the wicke the earth shakes and all its people live in turmoil, yet its pillars are firm, for I have set them in place!’” Psalm 75:1-5 The Living Bible

Do we love to talk about the Lord and His mighty miracles? In our society, most people are afraid to mention the Lord’s name in daily conversation because we’re afraid we’ll be labeled as a Jesus freak or a religious fanatic. In our politically correct society, we may be afraid that we will “offend” someone, and we could very well be chastised for violating someone’s “rights” by mentioning the name of Jesus Christ.

When I first started teaching in public schools, I could mention His name. I let my students know I was a Christian, and on many occasions they asked me to pray for them and their families. I even served several years as the PTA “Devotion Chairperson” where I brought devotions and led in prayer at the beginning of PTA meetings. Things changed over the twenty-three years I taught. I was called on the carpet once because I told a class that I prayed for them every day and thanked God for allowing me to be their teacher. A girl in that class complained. She wasn’t an atheist, but she had a friend who was, and if her friend heard that I prayed and thanked God for my students, it would offend her. The funny thing is that I did actually have a very outspoken atheist one year. She accepted me because I accepted her. When I had to have surgery at the end of the year, she was the first one who came back the next year to see how I was doing. I told her God took care of me, and I would be okay. She smiled and said, “Good, I’m glad.”


The news is flooded with stories of violence and murder, people who are evil, who are used of Satan to wreak havoc in the world. They receive notoriety and fame, when too often the victims are forgotten. God sees, He cares, and when He is ready, when the time is right, He will punish the wicked evil-doers of this world. He has a place prepared for Satan and all those who do his sinful deeds. People who hurt the innocent have a worse punishment ahead than drowning in the sea (Matthew 18:1-6). As Christians, we have a responsibility to stand up and protect the helpless (Proverbs 31:8-9).


What can you do to make your community and the world a better place?


How can you spread the love of Christ, share the Good News, and stand up for the truth of God?



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